• Follow the 'Emergency Response Officer' course in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Waddinxveen
  • Course is given by professional teachers 
  • How to prevent, prepare and respond to emergencies.


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Emergency Response Officer (ERO) Training.

Organizations are responsible for the safety of their employees and customers. However, small accidents can have large consequences. In case of emergency, it is important to intervene quickly and professional. According to the Dutch ARBO-law, appointing one or more emergency response officers is required. So that damages and injuries can be prevented.

During the ERO training (BHV) from Westpoort, you will be educated to intervene effectively during an emergency. You will learn to recognize important signals, provide first aid, CPR, extinguish small fires, evacuate and communicate with professional emergency services.

With this ERO (BHV) training, you are well-educated and certified in just 1 day, so you can make a difference as an emergency response officer!

This course is given in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Waddinxveen. Register to the course on the agenda at the bottom of the page.

Emergency Response Officer (ERO)

For whom
The ERO course is accessible for everyone who wants to develop itself and wants to learn how to intervene during a calamity. Any knowledge about this topic is not required. Every organization is required to have emergency response officers. The amount of emergency response officers depends on the risk assessment of the company.

• Recognize signals of a threatening calamity
• Fight a starting fire in a responsible way
• Apply lifesaving actions and CPR
• Cope with clearance and evacuation
• Effectively communicate with professional emergency services
• Perform decisive as an emergency response officer

During the practical ERO course, the following subjects will be discussed
• Evacuation
• Fire fighting
• Lifesaving actions and CPR
• Emergency response in organizations
• How to alarm
• Exam

Program & exam
The course is taken in one day, starting from 7:00 am till 3:00 pm. The course will be concluded with a theoretical and practical exam. The theoretical exam takes place after the course and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. The practical exam consists of different exercises that will be tested during the course. Coffee, tea, and lunch are price-included.

Certificate & pass
When you pass the exam, you will receive the official ERO certificate from Westpoort. The certificate and card will be sent within a few days.


Participating in the BHV course costs €150,- excluding VAT. Course-materials, certificate and pass are price included. 

Wil jij deze cursus incompany volgen?

Deze cursus kunnen wij ook incompany organiseren. De cursus vindt dan op een eigen locatie of bedrijf plaats. Op deze manier kunnen de werknemers direct de lesstof in hun eigen werkomgeving toepassen.

Wat zijn de voordelen van een incompany-traject?

  • Het programma kunnen wij volledig afstemmen op specifieke bedrijfsaspecten.
  • Het bespaart jullie reistijd.
  • Direct in de eigen werkomgeving oefenen.
  • Gebruikmaken van je eigen materiaal.
  • Zelf bepalen wanneer en hoe laat de cursus plaatsvindt.

Het is ook mogelijk om een groep medewerkers te laten opleiden op één van onze cursuslocaties in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Waddinxveen of Sneek. De medewerkers volgen dan een besloten cursus die alleen voor hen is. Ook hierin kunnen wij maatwerk bieden.

Wil je persoonlijk advies over incompany mogelijkheden?

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