• One-day Forklift Course in English
  • Only €150,- ex. VAT, Exam in English included
  • Every fortnight in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Waddinxveen, also for Reachtruck
Forklift English

Forklift Course in English

It is essential to work safely while working with a forklift. Every year, many accidents happen, with injury as a result. In this course you acquire theoretical knowledge and learn practical skills, which gives you the authority to keep control of the forklift. With these tips you will learn to work efficiently and safely.

The course starts with a theory block where security, law and dangerous situations will be discussed. In our practice room, you will learn various driving exercises to drive safely and controlled. The course ends with a practical exam. If you pass this exam, you are qualified to work with the forklift!

With the Forklift course of Westpoort you will be qualitified in just one day!

Register today for this course in Amsterdam, Den Bosch or Waddinxveen.


Forklift Course in English

For whom
The Forklift course is meant for professionals who regularly transport goods by forklift and does not have a forklift license already.

After the one-day course Forkift you are:
• Aware of obligations and regulations
• Able to operate the forklift safe and controlled
• Able to drive a forklift in accordance with the Health and Safety Act

The hands-on course Forklift focusses on:
• Load and load
• Curb Control
• Technology
• Control and use of the forklift
• Safety
• Load Handling and technical operation
• Ergonomics
• Application safety and traffic rules

Course & exam
The course lasts one day, from 7.30 am till 15.30 pm. In the morning the theory will be discussed and completed with a theory exam that consists of 25 multiple choice questions. In the afternoon various exercises are practiced and at the end of the day these skills will be tested in the practical exam. Is the vehicle control still inadequate, you can take additional practical training within one week, after which you can re-take the practice exam.
During the course coffee/ tea and lunch will be served.

Certificate & card
If you have followed the course and passed the exams with good results you get the official Forklift certificate of Westpoort ‘Safe working with the forklift’. This certificate is valid for 5 years. The certificate and badge will be sent within a few days.

You can register directly or call for a place in Amsterdam, Den Bosch of Waddinxveen.



Participation in the course Forklift include exam costs € 150.-. An additional half-day practical training, including re-examination costs € 75.-. All prices are excluding VAT.
Teaching materials, coffee/ tea, lunch, certificate and card are included.



It is also possibel to organize the course incompany. Then the cours will take place at your own lcoation or company. Through this way, employees are able to directly apply what they have learned in their own working environment. 

An incompany course offers some benefits:
- The program can be adapted to specific aspects 
- It saves time 
- Employees can practice in their own working environment 
- Making use of own materials 
- Flexible in planning a date 

It is possible to educate a group at our own locations in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Sneek or Waddinxveen. The employees will then follow a private course that is only tailored to them. Also in this, we can offer customized courses. 

More information?

Please contact me for tailored advice.

Carola van Eerde

Course advisor





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