• VCA course in English in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Waddinxveen 
  • Course & exam VCA Basic English for €160,-
  • Results are available the next day after the exam
VCA Engels

VCA Basic English course.

VCA Basic is the equivalent of the SCC (Safety Certificate for Contractors). The VCA certificate is for employees of companies that carry out high-risk activities. In the VCA course, you will learn how to work safely, healthy and environmentally friendly. The VCA certificate allows you to show employers and contractors you are aware of the risks of dangers in the workplace. Are you ready to get your VCA certificate in one day?
The course
The VCA Basic course is taken in one day, the course starts at 07:00 AM. During the day we will prepare you for the official exam. We will teach you everything you need to know about safety, working responsibly, environmental laws, working healthy, laws and legislation. You learn how to estimate risks and other dangerous situations. After that, you will have a test exam. In the afternoon (03:30 PM) the official VCA exam will take place. Our goal is that the candidates gather enough knowledge to pass the exam in one day and leaves us with the official VCA Basic certificate.

Register for this course in Amsterdam, Den Bosch or Waddinxveen.

It is also possible to organize this course incompany. 

If you only want the take the exam? Click here. Or contact us at +3120 448 0190

Ins and outs of the VCA Basic course

Target group
If you are employed in the Netherlands and you carry out activities in petrochemical, engineering or construction sector(s), possession of a valid VCA certificate is required.
Course duration
The course starts at 07:00 PM and ends at 03:00 PM. The exam will take place at 03:30 PM on the same day (if you want to take the exam on another day, contact us)
Course components
  • Legislations and laws
  • Safety risks
  • Personal Protective Gear
  • Ergonomic lifting
  • Tools and machines
  • Fire and electrical hazards
  • Knowledge of hazardous substances
  • Accident prevention
  • Working at heights or closed spaces
  • Emergency plan and toolbox meetings (VCA VOL)
  • A test exam in preparation for the official exam
Course results
At the end of the day you will be familiar with the following:
  • Adapt laws an legislation.
  • Risk and danger prevention.
  • How to act accordingly in dangerous situations.
  • How to work responsibly with dangerous machines.
  • How to protect yourself and others.
  • Make an emergency plan and have toolbox meetings (VCA VOL)
Certificate validity period
The Dutch VCA Basic certificate have a validity period of 10 years.
Certificate and VCA card
If you successfully complete the course and pass the exam you will receive the VCA certificate and the official card. You will receive the card and certificate within a few workdays. If your company or an employment agency signed you up, the certificate and card will be sent to them.
Admission requirements
You need to be at least 16 years old.

If you have trouble reading and/or writing, a listening exam is available. Contact us for more information at +3120 448 0190


Participation in the VCA Basic course costs €160 (excl. VAT), includes; exam, certificate, coffee, thee, lunch and a snack. 

Do you prefer to follow the VCA VOL course? Please contact us at 020 44 80 185. That course costs €170 (excl. VAT).

It is also possible to organize an in-company course. Please contact us at: 020 448 0190.

Wil jij deze cursus incompany volgen?

Deze cursus kunnen wij ook incompany organiseren. De cursus vindt dan op een eigen locatie of bedrijf plaats. Op deze manier kunnen de werknemers direct de lesstof in hun eigen werkomgeving toepassen.

Wat zijn de voordelen van een incompany-traject?

  • Het programma kunnen wij volledig afstemmen op specifieke bedrijfsaspecten.
  • Het bespaart jullie reistijd.
  • Direct in de eigen werkomgeving oefenen.
  • Gebruikmaken van je eigen materiaal.
  • Zelf bepalen wanneer en hoe laat de cursus plaatsvindt.

Het is ook mogelijk om een groep medewerkers te laten opleiden op één van onze cursuslocaties in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Waddinxveen of Sneek. De medewerkers volgen dan een besloten cursus die alleen voor hen is. Ook hierin kunnen wij maatwerk bieden.

Wil je persoonlijk advies over incompany mogelijkheden?

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Contactpersoon Den Bosch


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Contactpersoon Waddinxveen

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